Enrolling your child in an F-1 Visa program gives them the opportunity to study for one or more years at an American high school with the hopes of attending an American university after high school graduation

What will students gain through participating in an F-1 high school experience? Students who participate gain valuable life skills and an edge among their peers. Students become more well rounded, independent, think in new ways, look at situations from a different perspective, and much more.

With Programs like LPI Learning, your child will receive a full-service educational opportunity with benefits including:

  • Enrollment at an American High School and the benefits of education in the USA
  • Enhance University Application portfolio
  • Improved English language skills through an immersion experience
  • Learning the customs and traditions through living with an American host family and participating the local community
  • Becoming a member of the Host Family and gain lifelong friends
  • Develop greater social maturity, flexibility, inter-cultural competencies, and independence
  • Share their culture with the Host Family, friends and school, while gaining valuable global skills