Step 4 – Schedule/Attend F-1 Visa Interview

The F-1 Visa interview will determine whether a student will receive an F-1 Student Visa. At the interview, make sure to have all of the required documents and receipts outlined in Step 3 of our guide.

The interview is the basis for determining if a student will be issued the F-1 Student Visa- make sure to prepare ahead of time! Interviews are most often conducted in English, not applicants’ native language.

Interviews take place at US Embassies and Consulates.  Be sure you arrive early for your appointment with all of the requested documents.  Remember to allow time to pass through Embassy/Consulate security.  Be confident and dress in business attire for your appointment.

During your interview, the consular officer will likely ask you questions similar to the following examples

  • Why do you want to study in the US?
  • Why you chose the school you plan on attending? Why you are qualified to attend? Why is it a good fit for you?
  • How are your English language skills? What are your test scores and current academic performance?
  • What are your plans following the completion of your academic program?
  • What funds or assets to you or your family have to cover the tuition, transportation, room and board costs for your program as stated on your I-20?
  • What are your ties to your home country and your family?
  • What are your plans after your studies?  Will you return to your home country or do you plan to stay in the US?

Answer all questions truthfully, completely, and succinctly.  Your answers during the interview, in addition to your application package, will provide the consular officer with the basis to approve or deny your application.

NOTE: Visa issuance is not guaranteed. Do not finalize your travel plans until your visa is approved and in your possession. If your F-1 visa application is denied, a reason based on the section of law which applies to your ineligibility will be given to you.